Monday, 28 December 2015

Reflections in the Window by Susan L.

  The last few days were challenging. Noise, busy-ness, and being away from home have left me feeling a bit stretched and on edge. I hope, by next weekend, when I head to my son's for our Christmas, everything will have settled down.
  I met my folks at a mall yesterday to exchange some clothes mom had given me. It's a huge shopping centre that I hadn't been to in over twenty years. Now it looks like every other mall I've ever been in. Arriving early, it gave me time to walk around both levels simply to check things out. Shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes.
  Everywhere was busy with people catching the post-Christmas sales. Signs were posted everywhere: 40%, 50%, 70% OFF! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! SALE!SALE!SALE!
  I was content to simply peek in and it felt good to stretch my legs after all the feasting.
  Sitting down and sipping a cup of coffee was a great opportunity to people watch. (Thank You, Lord, I had the money for it.) It's hard to watch others without judging. Most of the crowd, an incredible blend of nationalities, seemed prosperous. Only God knows the truth.
   Part of me was doing some bean counting and thinking that a fraction of the money spent by shoppers in North America over the Christmas holiday could wipe out poverty in our countries.
  Not that I have done anything much about it myself. You know what they say, every finger pointed at someone else has three pointing back.
  Lord, forgive me for not having done more. Help me learn to give willingly and generously of my time and money. In Jesus' name I pray.
  "For you have the poor with you always, but Me you do not have always." Mat 26:11

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