Monday, 2 March 2015

Truths by Susan L.

  The sun dogs proved false. March came in like a lamb. We had no snow yesterday although it did end up cloudy for a good part of the day. We had more snow on Friday morning which was bizarre because the sky was clear except for wispy clouds way up high. The few snowflakes were tiny crystals that glittered like flecks of silver in the sun. It only lasted moments but was stunningly beautiful.
  Saturday I lounged around the house still not feeling up to snuff. A knock came to my door in the middle of the afternoon. When I answered it, the person standing there generated a whole whack of suspicion. He wasn't a big man but sported long salt and pepper hair. His beard reached the middle of his chest...B-I-K-E-R! My heart fluttered in alarm.
  He could have been anywhere between fifty and sixty-five years old.  I wouldn't be a good detective because once the biker idea raced through my head, I sort of froze up.
  I'd seen his newer pick-up truck stopped in the road earlier and wondered why he had pulled into my driveway. The sirens were going off in my head like the old red-alert on Star Trek.
  Then he spoke.
  "You wouldn't happen to know who might own an old dog, mostly blind. He's a brown spaniel type. I found him wandering around the road. He can't see very well, his eyes are clouded over and, well, I don't want him getting hurt. He's wearing tags but I thought I'd ask if you knew him or where he belongs."
  After he spoke, I noticed he had the kindest blue eyes that mirrored his concern for the old dog. It left me feeling sad that presumptions and assumptions had been the first response to his appearance.
  I wasn't able to help and only later remembered seeing the dog on the south side of the river wandering around someone's yard.
  He decided to take the dog home and call the humane society. At least the tags would guarantee a reunion. middle class prejudices were put to the cross (again!). Social and cultural conditioning and even family attitudes can fuel the flames of division. Thank You, Lord, for bringing this into my awareness. May I be a better person for it.
  Out of curiosity, I wonder what he thought of the middle aged, hair-all-amuck, pajama wearing woman who answered the door...
  "I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness." Jn 12:46

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