Tuesday, 3 March 2015

No Idea Whatsoever by Susan L.

  It appears that the worst of the bronchitis has been licked. I'm feeling much better. Woo-hoo!!
  It took fifteen minutes of write and delete to come up with that gem. It's one of those mornings when the subject matter of the day's blog fails to materialize.
  Watching the wildlife flutter and scamper through my front yard has me somewhat distracted. A small flock of bluejays, a trio of mourning doves, a pair of cardinals, a sprinkling of chick-a-dees and a squirrel have blessed me with their appearance. The squirrel is a good sign. It has to be warmer out there seeing as he or she decided to leave its nest. That's another Woo-hoo!
  It must've been a hard, long haul for these little creatures. Although the squirrel still looks rather plump. If it's the same one I saw in the fall, it started the winter with copious rolls of fat on its small frame: furry love handles. Good thing. It must've needed all its reserves.
  I wonder if the little songbirds hunker down together in a clump, sharing body heat on bitter winter nights. They must be even more grateful for the warmer temperatures than I am.
  I haven't heard the great horned owl this year. He normally sings his own mournful woo-hoo in the long, frigid nights of January and February. Perhaps he has moved on to the great forest in the sky.
  Do animals go to heaven? I believe they do. They have a spirit, a life force, given to them by God at the moment of their creation. Just like us. Only we humans have souls as well.
  Can you see it? Flocks of brilliantly shimmering, bejeweled birds swooping over the Throne of God. Their sweet voices joined with ours as we sing, "Praises to God Most High! Halleluiah! The Creator of all Creation!"
  "Then He who sat on the throne said, "Behold I make all things new." Rev 21:5


  1. Hmm...beg to differ. I don't believe animals go to heaven. They may exist in heaven, after all we hear of the Lord returning to earth on a horse, but I don't think they go to heaven. As you pointed out, they don't have a soul. Christ did not die to redeem them. They are not created in His image. As much as I'd like to think my beloved pets "live on", the truth is they don't. Who knows what joys lie for us in eternity? Enjoy the creatures of the creation - especially those that harken spring!

    1. Will do. As for the rest, we'll wait and see!