Saturday, 10 January 2015

Orchid by Susan L.

  It must be spring! Well, somewhere in the world anyways.
  Two and a half years ago I treated myself to an orchid. I'd never owned one before. It flowered constantly for two years before taking a break. It might have been forced by a lack of water. Even a plant that needs little can't do well with next to none!
  I left the old flower stalks on, not really sure if I should cut them off or not. The orchid grew a new leaf in that time and when I went to water the sadly neglected plant this week, I saw that a new flower stalk has started to grow where the new leaf meets the core of the plant. The old stalks are also showing new signs of growth.
  It must be happy where it is with the eastern exposure and the rather sporadic watering. It's also an in-your-face mockery of the winter that lay outside the living room window. Seeing green things grow does this Canadian heart good!
  I don't have as many plants as I used to. Reorganizing my living room after painting meant getting rid of some of the bigger ones that took up too much space. I've a few favorites: a variegated Hoya. It's a vine that when it gets root bound, it will bloom. The tiny, white, waxy looking flowers throw off a beautiful fragrance. Mine has a way to go.
  There's the traditional spider plant, an African violet, and an English ivy adorning various window sills. There's a small palm type tree sitting on the floor that was in a planter I got when my son was born. It's hard to believe it survived this long. I also still have my lemon plant, started from seed. I got rid of the grapefruit tree because it had very nasty, two inch thorns.
  I can hardly wait to get back into the garden come summer. It feels like such a long way off.
  "What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? I will take up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord." Ps 116:12-13

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