Monday, 22 December 2014

Wonderful Weekend by Susan L.

  It was great to be with family over the weekend. Our Christmas celebration worked out well. We ordered in festive chicken dinners from Swiss Chalet that contained all the trimmings: cranberry sauce, stuffing and chocolates for dessert. It meant no one was tied to the kitchen. It meant cleanup was a breeze. Having it at my mom's was nice too, seeing as she is pretty much central to all my children. It meant none of us had to travel too far except the Sarnia crowd.
  The weather was good for driving. The sun actually peeked its head out from behind the clouds for a brief while. Didn't that give the spirits a lift! It's been a very gray December.
  But for me, the high point was when my grandchildren opened the Tickle Trunk.
  My grandson's first response was, "Another toy box?" accompanied by a heavy sigh.
  I'd put a couple of parcels inside, something I'd found in the States. They were costumes from one of the kids favorite TV shows, The Wild Kratz. It's an awesome, animated nature show on both PBS and TVO. The lead characters put on vests with special abilities that enable them to become the animals they are studying. They call it a creature power suit. That's what was in the parcels.
  Jai made my whole existence worth while when he said to me as he slipped on his green vest, "Wild Kratz! Nanasue, you've made my dreams come true!"
  I nearly melted into a great big, blubbery blob. Oh, who am I kidding? I did!
  Sunday we drove to Ancaster for my Uncle's ninetieth birthday. Mom organized everyone to meet at his place then we went out to a local Chinese buffet for lunch. He didn't know about it and was surprised and delighted when the family kept showing up.
  Another note to self. I'd bought a card that contained country hoedown music and a dancing chicken. My uncle jumped and nearly dropped the card when he opened it. That may not have been a good idea for someone who is elderly!
  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to going to Sarnia tomorrow after the Centre's dinner. It'll be nice to spend Christmas day with the little ones. I'll be back home on Boxing day. It's a short visit but that's okay.
  I am so incredibly grateful for the One who has enabled me to endure and overcome my challenges so I may be part of these joyful days. Amen!
  "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him." Mat 2:2

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