Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Good Times by Susan L.

  I am going to do the Grandma thing, Nanasue actually. Last night was an opportunity for me to spend some quality time alone with my five year old grandson, Jai, and my nearly three granddaughter, Keely. We played reindeer games with Keely bringing up the rear as Santa. Her voice wasn't quite deep enough for the "Ho Ho Ho!" but I'll give her an A for effort.
  My son had left instructions on how to work the TV but neither Jai or I could get it working. Which was a good thing. We ended up pretending we were the TV and whoever had the converter was able to change the channels. I confess my newscaster's sports knowledge was not to Jai's satisfaction. The only hockey player I could remember was Darryl Sittler and he hasn't played for a long, long time! I also had Raptors battling it out against the Buffalo Bills. Yup, definitely not my strong point.
  I acted out a smooch scene from a soap opera just to see the reaction.  "OOooo, Fred, I looove you! I looove you I do!"
  With a snort of utter disgust, Jai announced quite firmly, "I'm changing the channel!"
  We played Hide 'N Seek although a constantly giggling Keely wasn't much of a challenge to find. The pair got their jammies on then opened a new Christmas book together. It is how my son counts down the advent. A new book a night. So story time, teeth brushing, tuck in songs and it was over far too quickly.
  It's great having this extended visit. I get to see more of my son and his family. We're getting quite a bit of work done at the house as well: carpets torn up, the brick fireplace primed in preparation for the living room to be painted. That's my job for the rest of the week.
  I've discovered painting brick is a very time consuming job. Especially rough brick. I spent six hours at it today and still have one side left to prime. It should only take another hour. The coats of paint should go on quicker because the primer is acting like a filler, smoothing out the surface. Note to self: use stucco.
  "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord." Ps 127:3

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