Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More Safety by Susan L.

  I'm glad I spent a few chilly hours in the garden getting the perennials chopped down and burning the scrap wood from the basement. It was windy as anything but thankfully my yard is sheltered by  trees. We had our first snowfall that dumped a couple of inches start on Sunday night and continue most of Monday. Big Kleenex flakes fell for most of the day.
  It's the kind of snowfall that makes everything so beautiful and white unlike the white of February when we complain "Not again!" Branches, twigs and dry grass were capped with their own little white mounds that by this morning have fallen or melted away. The grass is still covered but it may not last. A blast of sunshine should get rid of it in no time. I'm okay with that. The season is still young.
  While outside on Sunday, there was a bit of excitement. My neighbours two doors down run a seasonal campground. They have a large, green garbage bin at the front. It caught on fire because someone had thrown out hot ashes. I don't know who called 911 but the volunteer firefighters covering this area descended en mass. A small pumper truck with a water reservoir in it quickly doused the smoldering trash. The bin was mostly empty, the camp has been tucked away for the season, so it only took a matter of minutes to put the fire out.
  Shortly after, a pick-up truck pulled in to my driveway and a man got out. I wasn't surprised. I figured someone from the fire department would stop in to check out what was happening with my own back yard fire. The fire chief introduced himself while eyeing the situation. He was pleased with what he saw, that it was small and contained, that I was outside tending it. My fire permit was up to date. A ten dollar, yearly permit can prevent up to a ten thousand dollar fine so it's worth it to me! With a shake of hands, a word of thanks from me, and he was on his way.
  I have the utmost respect for these men and women who volunteer as first responders. It isn't an easy job. When safety is ignored, they are the ones to pick up the pieces. Not all their calls have a happy ending so folks, be safe! Drive according to conditions. If you're going to be late, be late! I witnessed a terrible car accident on Christmas day because someone was in a hurry. There were no survivors. Be aware of your environment, don't take foolish chances and never throw out ashes that haven't cooled for at least three days!
  "Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious." 1 Pet 2:4

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