Monday, 27 October 2014

Seasons by Susan L.

  The glorious colours of autumn are winding down. Most of the leaves have fallen off the neighbourhood trees. The wind so very kindly brings them onto a corner of my front yard and the ditch was thick with them. Lawn mowers come in handy. The grass needed cutting anyways one more time before winter, the latest it's ever needed mowing! I used it to blow the leaves onto the road. It's so much easier on the back when a brisk breeze takes them dancing merrily down the road. They came to rest on the other side where no one lives except the local wildlife.
  It was a lovely day so I took care of a few other outside chores. The hose is drained and put away in the shed, along with the patio umbrella and pond pump. And I still have room to move around! How awesome is that! (Must remember to turn off the outside water before it freezes and bursts a pipe.)
  Each season has its chores doesn't it? Autumn is tucking in time: tools, harvest, getting snow tires put on the car, and hunting out the winter woollies for the bitterly cold days ahead.
  Winter is the time for inside tasks except for the inevitable snow shovelling. It's hobby time for me: sewing, painting, knitting...I have no idea what venue will inspire me this year. I'd like to make a new quilt for my bed but we'll see. There's a couple of unfinished knitting projects that are giving me the evil eye. Although, now I have a fireplace, curling up in front of it with a good book during a February blizzard sounds like a wonderful idea. I love the simple pleasures!
  Spring means getting the tools out, opening the windows to blow the cobwebs of winter out of the house, getting dirty in the garden by dividing plants, planting new ones. Then there's the wonderful delight of putting those winter woollies away!
  Summer is filled with maintenance: weeding, lawn mowing and the hard work of sitting in the shade with a cup of iced tea and something to read because the baking, humid heat of the afternoon makes work impossible. Must remember that when it hits minus forty.
  It's hard for me to choose  a favorite because each one comes with its own unique beauty, its challenges, and a variety of things to do: work and pleasure.
  "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Eccl 3:1