Saturday, 11 October 2014

Oh-oh by Susan L.

  I have a little routine in the morning. Turn on the laptop, feed the cat, put the kettle on, open the blinds and feed the fish. I grab my phone and hook it into the laptop to access the internet while I make a coffee. In that order. Every day. It has become something I don't think too much about any more. Not having time to blog throws the whole thing out of whack. Today started with a chuckle. (Teach me not to think about what I am doing.)
  I grabbed a bowl and dropped a spoonful of instant coffee into it. I was about to pour the boiling water when it dawned on me, "Hey, that's not a mug!"
  Maybe going back to bed might be a good idea.
  The living room is finished. The trim is all installed. Pumpkin has his cedar rail scratching post screwed to one end of the shelf. That was a major priority, he was starting to claw the little antique two drawer dresser! I love him dearly but sometimes...All that's left is to hang pictures, get the plants out of the kitchen and organize the shelf. I'll see what the rocking chair looks like without being painted. That little project can always wait.
  There's still trim to install in the kitchen, hallway and in the laundry/pantry area.
  A friend pointed out to me that thinking through the processes of what needs to be done next is actually setting goals. Don't tell anyone. It doesn't feel like goal setting but rather breaking down a big job into manageable tasks. Which is setting goals isn't it? Even if they are only short term. Doesn't that concept rock my world!
  Maybe I should go back to bed.
  "Buy the truth, and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding." Prov 23:23

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