Sunday, 5 October 2014

Living Room by Susan L.

  Yesterday involved taking down the window blinds, plastering holes and places where the wall needed some touch-ups. There was wood left over from the shed so I was able to re-frame the window, prepping it for new trim. Once again the table saw came in handy. I started patching the stucco ceiling where it got water damaged. That's going to take some layers, it was a pretty big hole.
  I built a frame with castors for the doll house so it is much easier to wheel around and can be stored in the guest room until the grandbabies come for a visit. I was tempted to get rid of it but as long as they enjoy playing with it, it'll have a place in the house.
  I have an old 1950's Hoosier cupboard that doubles as a TV cabinet. It is a complete kitchen in a small space. It has the original enamel pull out work surface, the tin drawer for flour and a cutting board that tucks away nicely. The amber old-wood finish was looking rather tired so in a fit of indecision it got primed, ready to paint. It's part of my needing to get rid of the orange but there's a part of me that loves old wood. I think I'll paint it the same colour as the walls because it's too tall and wide for the size of the room. Painting it the wall colour will create a more open feeling.
  And the DVD cupboard I built will get painted. And the plant stand. Orange, look out!
  Then there's the two drawer, squat, little antique dresser the fish tank sits on. It's the honey-orange colour only age can give but as I've said, it's time for a change. It will probably be the last thing I do because it means emptying the tank twice. Once to put it on the floor so I can do some repairs to the dresser and paint. It'll need to be emptied to put it back on top. Fish don't do well without water! And in a stroke of genius: they could reside in a temporary home until the job's finished! Brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion.
  And the rocking chair which is more of the same amber/orange wood. It will be painted white to match the trim instead of the wall colour. 
  I've decided not to re-install the roll up bamboo blinds. If I am going to go to all the trouble to install colonial trim with the square decorative thingies, I don't want to hide it behind bamboo blinds. I've always liked white lace. That'll help keep the room bright and airy despite the fact it doesn't get much sun with an eastern facing window.
  So, there's a big to-do list for the next few days.
  Thank You Lord, I have a project! And thank You that I have organized my thoughts.
  "May the glory of the Lord endure forever!" Ps 104:31

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  1. Wow, it seems like you had a lot of things on your plate back then. How are things doing nowadays? I hope you achieved the look you were going for with the windows. Speaking of which, how did it look with the white lace? Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Steve Walton @ Blinds Shop Online