Monday, 20 October 2014

Getting There by Susan L.

  A good part of the weekend was spent getting rid of stuff, organizing other stuff, and tidying up. The place now only looks like a small bomb went off. I made boxes out of foam core board for all my binders and wrapped them in decorative paper. They look nice on the shelf now instead of a disarrayed chaos of colour that flopped around like binders always do.
  My creative writing efforts are in a couple of the boxes as well. I took the time read through some of my efforts before filing them away. It was a bit of a journey down memory lane although most of the writing wasn't dated, something I'll try and do in the future.
  It's nice, too, to be able to get things together for a donation trip to a local second hand store. I've decided to get rid of some things I had brought with me when leaving my ex. They don't fit with the d├ęcor and they are a bit of a trigger, stirring up associations I'd sooner leave behind.
  And books. My goodness, I have no idea why I have hung on to some of them! There was more than one sneeze fit as I pulled them off the shelf. (A sad comment to my housekeeping skills.) They were bagged for the store or to take to the centre where we have a book exchange table.
  The next job is tackling the computer area. An old laptop, and two towers have to be started up and purged. I want to make sure I have all the photos and creative writing off them before taking them to the recycler. Then I can get rid of the desk. The kitchen table serves me just fine for the laptop and  has a window to look out of. A much nicer writing environment!
  I am feeling somewhat anxious and overwhelmed by all that is still to be gone through. I need to remind myself it doesn't all need to be done today.
  "And he answered and said to Him, "Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth. Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said to him, "One thing you lack; Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me." Mk 10:20-21


  1. Gosh - I am in awe of you. I can barely get dressed. Thanks for being a good example.

    1. Please don't be hard on yourself! I've been there, unable to get dressed, unable to face the day. Having a shower was a monumental task. That's okay, it's where you are at. For me, at that time in my life, simply doing the dishes was cause for celebration. Small victories are all that counts. And I still struggle with dish washing!