Monday, 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day by Susan L.

One scorching hot summer's day I pulled in to my local gas station. There were three or four olive drab jeeps parked by the pumps. There were half a dozen fully armed soldiers seated in them. It took me by surprise and made me a bit nervous. It was a rare sight that felt very intimidating. Nevertheless, I filled my car with gas and went inside to pay. There were a few more soldiers inside filling the kiosk with green. The sergeant, a stereotypical older man who was built like a bulldog, stood back from the counter. He allowed me to go ahead with a polite, "Ma'am, we're still making decisions." As I exited I noticed one of the young soldiers in the back of a jeep. He casually held his rifle in the crook of his arm while he savoured the icy cold of a giant Freezie. The oddity made me smile yet it struck me just how young he was. There's so much to be thankful for in this great country. Where seeing armed soldiers is rare. Where our borders are safe. Where young soldiers can still be boys. Where we can preach, teach, write, vote, work, shop, travel freely, create, go to school, get medical attention...where soldiers and civilians can rub shoulders in peace. "Lest We Forget" who payed the price for those freedoms. God bless those who serve and who have served. "And You, child will be called the Prophet of the guide our feet into the way of peace." Lk 1:76 & 79


  1. Hi Susan, I've nominated God and the Black River in the Religion Philosophy Category of the Canadian Blog Awards.
    It's not about winning really, but it gets exposure for blogs and it's fun!