Saturday, 2 November 2013

Modestly Speaking by Susan L.

I'm going to add another comment to yesterday's discussion about dress. In some cultures anything less than a Burka is coincidered provocative. Yet again, it places the onus on the woman to be responsible for the reactions of men towards their sexuality. I hear Adam talking to God, "I had to eat the apple...she gave it to me!" Nevertheless, God dressed both of them. Carefully and tenderly He wrapped them in clothes made of animal skin because they were naked and ashamed. Perhaps He had a tear in His eye at the loss of innocence. Therein lies the issue. Our sexuality, our gender, the fundamental foundation of who we are is objectified; sold down the river for a razor promotional. It's everywhere and does not discriminate between men or women or sadly, and increasingly: children. How do we restore the essence of chastity AND chivalry into our society? How do we instill a sense of personal value that empowers us to make healthy choices? The point being in North American society: we are all coincidered disposable. Something that is as easily tossed aside as the packaging around a pound of hamburger. Abuse in any way, shape or form simply confirms that concept and drives that terrible lesson into every fabric of our being. Just as hurting people hurt people, when we believe we're disposable, we treat ourselves and others the same way. We simply don't know anything better until the Lord intervenes and clothes us anew. "Jesus wept." Jn 11:35

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