Saturday, 16 November 2013

Good To Be Back by Susan L.

I've missed doing my bit of writing. The early days, long drives, the incredible amount of material learned, the busyness meant a tired that demanded a 9:30 bedtime. Cause for celebration? You bet! I am now a trained WRAP facilitator and a graduate of the PREFER program. (Peer Recovery Education for Employment and Resiliency) This means a lot to me but more importantly is I am able to give back in a healthy and sustainable way. Becoming a facilitator drove home the value that lay within my own WRAP plan. WRAP, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, wasn't written by "experts" or doctors in the mental health field. It was designed by everyday people. Mary Ellen Copeland wrote WRAP after she and a group of people with lived experience in mental health got together. Recovery is not a word traditional models of treatment ever use. But it was happening. Ms. Copeland put the pieces together. The concept of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan is taking the world by storm. It has been translated into thirteen languages, including Braille. Pastors, police, first responders and many other high stress occupations have also utilized WRAP. To quote my instructor, "It's more than a plan, it's a way of life." The scientific medical community have researched the impact of WRAP on people living with mental health issues. The results set the medical establishment on its ears. It works. It works well. Hope and empowerment. They go a long way. To learn more go to: "For I hope to see you on my journey." ROM 15:24

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