Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Writer's Nest Topic: School Memories by Susan L

"Recess" Sacrifice of duty, of honour, Martyrdom minutes volunteered, Red, blue and white dust cakes clap. Yellow powder nose itch twitch and sneeze clouds. "Wait! I'm coming! Aaaachoooo!" Limestone crunch. Eenie meenie potatoes tiger toe catching, "You're it!" scramble and dodge. Sneakered feet on top. Humpback wails. Teeth sucking gravel plucking. Iodine and bandaid badges. "Want to see?" Teeter totter bounce. Eyes wide with realize. "Noooo! Don't get off!" Slamming rump bump puff of dust. And laughter. "Owwww!" Merry-go-round quarters. Merriment round and round. Bed haunting motion of stillness spinning. Flying centrifugal. Red roving packs green lighting. Or red lighting. "Double Dutch!" says Simon. Boring apple. Wilted carrot sticks. Twelve raisins in the little red box. Yuck. "But I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High." Ps 77:10

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