Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Home by Susan L.

It was a wonderful albeit chilly expedition. Note to self: pack long johns for September camping. There were no mosquitoes though. Yay! As we sat by the dicious smelling maple wood fire there was an abundance of chipmunks that kept us delighted with their boldness and constant squabbling. The high point was when a barred owl perched a few feet away just as it was getting dark. I chanced the poison ivy and stalked him through the trees to try and get a photo. The eyes glowed from the flash but the rest is a vague blur of striped feathers. We heard him calling the next night. Funny though, the chipmunks were awful quiet all of a sudden. The beaches were beautiful. Pockets of sand littered with massive granite boulders. Smaller stones and pebbles gathered all around. All were polished and worn by the deep blue water of Lake Huron. It's hard to describe the infinite variety of colours and textures: orange spotted, pink wrinkled, gray ribbed, black, green, smooth white...like fingerprints no two were the same. It is good to be home. There was frost last night. Furnaces are a great invention! "O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself." Her 10:23

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