Saturday, 28 September 2013

Empty Fields by Susan L.

I've watched a couple of TV programmes following up on two of the worst natural disasters ever to strike: the tsunami of 2004 which flattened coastal Japan and hurricane Katrina of 2005 which obliterated New Orleans. The show about New Orleans made me shake my head in puzzlement. There's been little to no rebuilding in the hardest hit areas which also happen to belong to the poorest citizens. The homeowners are legally obligated to cut the grass in order to maintain ownership. I have no idea where they live but they have to face their loss, their poverty, their helplessness, every time the lawn needs mowing. The program on CBC was about the debris from Japan washing up on B.C.'s coast. It traced a small fishing boat that had been found relatively intact. The owners in Japan had survived. They were living in temporary housing. Tiny quarters bursting at the seams with three generations living there. They figure it will be at least another decade before they will be able to move out. Maybe more. Their way of earning a living is an ocean away and there's no infrastructure in place anyways. At least, not yet. I believe in both cases, these forgotten people are having to make mortgage payments on empty space where their homes once stood. After that, there is not enough left to begin to rebuild their lives. Help them, my Lord. Help their perspective governments cut through the reams of red tape and "reasons" why things aren't being done faster. Let the generous humanitarian aid dollars flow within their own borders. Fill the banks, the finance companies, with compassion and wisdom so solutions can be found and both sides come out on top. In Jesus' name I pray. "What strength do I have that I should hope?" Job 6:11

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