Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Neighbours by Susan L.

The people next door have moved, returning to their native Hungary. A young couple has bought the house and moved in this weekend. I have had a brief over-the-fence chat with both of them, welcoming them to the area. It's nice to see how quickly they have begun cleaning up the rather neglected gardens and yard. The young man, in our brief introductory chat told me he is an auto mechanic and said if ever I needed anything, just ask. Nice. In my chat with his partner,I offered to answer any garden questions she might have. She laughingly said she might need help identifying weeds. Neighbours. That's what it is about. I had to smile though. My first introduction was when I was at my scruffiest: baseball hat on, hot, sweaty and dirty from working in my own gardens. You know what they say about first impressions! I'm wondering, too, if I am identified as the older lady next door! Ouch! "Everyone helped his neighbour." Is 41:6

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