Monday, 22 July 2013

Automatic by Susan L.

I've had a chuckle at myself over the weekend: flicking useless light switches, putting bread in the toaster, but Saturday night took the cake. I'd plugged a fan into the generator to cool my room, glad the worst of the heat was over. It concerned me that I wouldn't be able to hear if the generator stopped. Silly me, the fan would have stopped too! I had no water either, being on a well with an electric pump. It's surprising how often we turn on the tap in the course of the day. Thankfully the water filled sump pit provided pails of water for the throne room to function. My little barbeque was utilized to cook up the thawed meat from my freezer: a bit of bacon and a couple of ready made burger patties made for a high cholesterol breakfast. All these perishables were tucked into an ice packed cooler. Memories of camping! We got power back Sunday afternoon. My back yard is piled with branches from the downed tree. It was quite something to watch the hydro folks clear and repair the line. Watching the news last night, others got hit by the storms a lot harder so it might be a couple more days for them. We North Americans are so blessed. All the things we take for granted: power, running drinkable water, cheap gas for our generators. We have a hydro company with men and women who often risk their lives chopping trees, repairing fallen lines so all of us can use those little receptacles in the wall. Concidering there were tens of thousands of people impacted by the storm here and in Quebec, to only be a few days without is amazing. Thanks to those who are working night and day. "But in all things we commend ourselves as ministers of God: in much patience, in tribulations, in needs in distress." 1 Cor 6:4

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