Sunday, 4 November 2012

Slip of the Thumb by Susan L.

"Tyrone doesn't live here." At least that's what I texted a friend when a message came through, "Ty I'll let you know." For sure she fell off the couch laughing. I nearly did when I read her reply, "Ty...thank you!" Testing new technology has become an area of exploration for me, often with hilarious results that leave me chuckling at my lack of knowledge. I was checking out the message feature on Facebook with another friend.. (Fb I had to ask!) She was sharing about an upcoming workshop she was facilitating on the coming weekend. I asked what it was about so pleased with myself for treading on new ground. The balloon popped up,"typing." That's odd, I thought because this friend is passionate about organic gardening and sustainable agriculture. I typed in a couple more questions and the balloon replied, "typing". Oh. I started laughing. A good rich belly laugh at my folly. The computor was letting me know my friend was typing a response! She is not a typing teacher. Silly me! It is so important when our wires get crossed to question what we think we understand. Sometimes our perceptions affect our hearing. "The truthful lips shall be established, but a lying tongue is but for a moment." Prov 12:19

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  1. LOL. I c it's not been long b 4 u r catching on! Personally, it makes me feel like a kid again, deciphering a secret code or something. The English language will never be the same! o/