Friday, 2 November 2012

Mo-vember by Susan L.

Everywhere you look, in what is fast becoming a global event, ragged sprouts of whiskers are showing up. Mustaches and beards are being grown to raise money for cancer research. This worthwhile event raises millions of dollars and gets bigger each year. Thank you, men. It brings a whole new meaning to " in your face!" Just like cancer, every single person on this planet will be touched by mental illness either personally or through someone we love and care for. It,too, knows no boundaries: age, gender, race mean nothing. Most of us don't hesitate to buy ribbons, daffodils or even lottery tickets to raise much needed funds for various good causes. Seeing as we are heading in to the season of giving I ask everyone to donate sonething to mental health: TIME. Please, go on line and spend a few moments reading about mental illness. That is all I ask. What we understand, we no longer fear. "He who keeps instruction is in the way of life." Prov 10:17

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