Thursday, 1 November 2012

Identity Embraced by Susan L.

The night was a lifetime ago when I had a dream: Beneath a bleak and glowering sky, Red rimmed by a sun clawing its way to bed, I stood in a field burnt, singed, By fire roaring through, born of lightning. The once dry and rustling grass now smouldering ash and clumps of death. A fence untouched by flame or cinder Stretched beyond the distant black and smoking hills. Barbed wire, sharpened spikes, ran from post to post, Strand upon strand upon strand like a jagged sneer Across the desolate waste. A gate stood before me: Red tubes of iron and might blocked the path Dressed in a suit of soot and dust. Fear of tresspass, Fear of what lay on the other side Swept through my breast. Dry mouthed I reached for the chain binding the gate closed. Hot against my palm it burned, Leaving tatoo trails behind as it dropped. Swirls of ash followed the chain as it rattled free, Jacob Marley's ghost, And the gate swung open, Creaking, Groaning with the effort of movement. Bursts of green flowered horizon to horizon. Bursts of evening birdsong cascaded up and down. Bursts of yellow and purple wildflower scent filled the air. Bursts of stars littered the sky as the sun vanished, All beautiful beyond imaginings, My senses were filled with delight. I did not know who the gate was opened for. I did not know the "why?". I only knew as I stood aside I was Keeper of the Gate. In waking times where the gray upon my head is more pronounced, The sadness in my eyes has become less pronounced, Still, the lines of care have etched themselves deeply on my brow. These troubled years have brought me to the place My Lord, my Light intended. I have become a Gatekeeper, Just one of many and many more who serve the best we can. Dreams have been fulfilled. And I believe. Thank You, Jesus "And I (Jesus) will give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven." Mat 16:19

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