Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fraudsters by Susan L.

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook where I posted this story I want to take this opportunity to add to an often shared warning. It bears repeating. On Thursday around supper time I recieved a call from someone claiming to represent a computor company. Sorry, I didn't catch the name. The woman sounded highly professional and serious but the two second delay clued me into the fact she was probably in India. I decided to play along just to satisfy my curiosity. She informed me that during a recent time on line my computer had picked up a couple of folders that were dangerous and could cause a system meltdown. I asked for her help.(I could almost hear her thoughts, "Hook, line and sinker!"). She told me to go to my computer where she would walk me through "fixing" the problem. Then I confessed "I don't know how you are going to help me. I don't have internet at home." She hung up abruptly. Lesson learned, although I knew better than to do anything she said. Never allow unsolicited callers anywhere near your computer even if they claim they are calling from a major company like Microsoft. Once connected these people could access personal, banking and private information. Your computer could be enlisted into an underground network for illicit activities without you being aware. Please, be careful. There are unscrupulous souls out there. Pray for them. Repentance brings God's grace into their lives. "A band of robbers takes spoil outside. They do not concider that I(God) remember all their wickedness." Hos 7:1

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  1. I get occasional calls from people pretending to represent Microsoft, giving me the warning that they've detected a problem with my Windows operating system. I take perverse joy in telling them my computer does not run on Windows, since it's a Mac. AHA!