Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Been There by Susan L.

This is a difficult subject fraught with opinions, judgements and condemnation. I know because that is how I used to view people who harmed themselves or drastically attempted suicide. Both self harming and suicidal ideologies have come and gone during my life, rising and falling with the currents of the Black River. Once upon a time they were secret thoughts I never dared to share with anyone in case they thought like me: I was a nutcase, weak, and selfish. In my ignorance I didn't realize that these ideas are a symptom of clinical depression. I know better now. Even the medications used to treat depression can fuel these symptoms. That knowledge comes first hand as well. It has taken several med changes to find one that didn't haunt every waking moment with dark desires. God brought me through although it was touch and go a couple of times. Self harm isn't the domain of the "mentally ill". When we don't eat properly, or deny ourselves sleep. When we don't exercise or relax, or even allow the time to gather with friends and family. I think the biggest one is when we fail to ask for help, something I still struggle with at times. Perhaps the next time someone we know shares their thoughts of self harm we can honestly reply, "You are not alone." "Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another." 1 Pet 3:8

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